Classic car restorer

These are our projects

Ford Anglia 105e (1959-1968)

Fourth Anglia model influenced by American styling with minor difference in front part caused by British designers using wind tunnels,featuring nice slanted rear window and fin tails in the back.Car gained popularity in 1962 by capturing six International World records proving its strength and durability. We are providing partial reconstruction off engine bay due to structural integrity loss.

Pontiac Bonneville - Fourth generation (1965–1970)

The B body received major design changes from third generation and in 1967 featured another restyling with new grill in bumper updated rear end,new style dash,instrumentation and trim. Produced in 2 door convertible and hardtop,4 door hardtop sedan and as this model station wagon. We provided bodywork and spray painting for this model making sure that every line stayed present and in true shape,all of work was done by hand only due to its complicated shapes and lines. Painting was done in 2 stages making it more lasting and resilient to stone-chips and better UV protection. Being RHD makes this car very rare for Irish Classic car scene and it was our great pleasure to bring it back to shine.

HB Vauxhall Viva (1966-1970)

Production started in 1966 and was modeled after GM Chevrolet Impala which we can se in body styling and curvers of the car, altho much smaller in dimenssions than American Impala what brouth this car to high sales was smaller fuel consumption and amaizing suspension at the time making it very nice to drive.We provided complete spray-painting inside out for this car in 1 stage process, with nice cut and buff polish after.